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69 25 May

Agencja zatrudnienia. Posrednictwo pracy, doradztwo personalne , poradnictwo zawodowe.

Timberex Comany, LLC
3.2 25 Dec 2019

We are providing the representative services for international companies . We are providing full package services for international companies in the Republic of Belarus. We are organizing a purchasing and delivery of lumber, pellets, firewood and other wood products from manufacturer to the...

ClobalORO, LLC
1.7 27 Jun 2019

ClobalORO company produces and offers supply of wood charcoal made from softwood (pine, aspen) and hardwood (oak, hornbeam, birch). Production volume is up to 5000 t per year. Charcoal packed in polypropylene bags, Big Bags. We pack charcoal in paper bags on request. Charcoal FSC certified.

1.4 1 Apr

Lumber & Wood Pallets Production Sawmill and biofuels industry

0.4 16 Nov 2020

Production of kindling wood from pine and spruce. Our company is engaged in wood processing. We are in the Republic of Belarus, it is between Poland and Russia.

0.1 19 Jul

Education platform, courses Our team GoStudent of 400 employees, 3,000 tutors and 10,000 customers (growing at 20% MoM!) and be part of the change in Education!

A3 Global, LLC
0.0 16 Nov 2020

Frozen Beef, Pork, Chicken and also Rapeseed oil and Honey

0.0 5 Jan

The main direction of our activity is the export of foodstuffs of the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. We are ready to offer you the following goods produced in Belarus: 1. Beef with bones 2. Boneless beef 3. Starch 4. Milk powder 5. Chicken meat with bones 6. Chicken parts

Ayri, LLC
0.0 11 Mar 2020

Wykonujemy obróbkę drewna i obróbki metali. Wykonujemy Łaźnie, nowoczesne pergole, zadaszenia, tereny rekreacyjne. Indywidualne zamówienia. Wysyłka do Europy.

0.0 29 Jan

We are not only certified as baby formula wholesale suppliers and distributors, but rather a comprehensive wholesale supplier of best, most superior baby formula brand types in a variety of forms at Lowest prices

Breweries, LLC
0.0 12 Jul 2018

Our company is association for qualified brewing equipment manufacturers and suppliers, produce mini and micro breweries

0.0 18 Mar 2016


0.0 8 Sep

We are international Company we have 100 of emoloyeers our activity is financiel we have special team

0.0 8 Jun 2020

Property For Sale Dana Holdings is a leading, fully integrated real estate, investment and development group of companies that conducts investments, building and operation activities of residential, industrial, retail, educational and multifunctional objects, as well as state-public partnership...

Firstime, LLC
0.0 13 Feb

We have everything you need to Setting up a company in Belarus. Firstime with its headquarters in Minsk provides the following services: 1. Opening a Company in Belarus. 2. Opening bank accounts. 3. Payment and clearing solutions. 4. Nominee Director. 5. Domain Registration & Website...

0.0 31 Aug 2018

Packaging for pizza and other food that requires paper packaging

InstrumenContractPlus, LLC
0.0 29 Dec 2019

We are charcoal and charcoal briquettes producers. FSC and GS1 certificates. Audited by QIMA. We work with Poland, France, Belgium, and Lithuanian big chain shops and wholesales. Always looking for good, honest and fair deals.

0.0 26 May 2020

The Company Isvant Ltd. (Minsk, Belarus) is a wholesale and retail supplier of auto-tractor machinery of various spheres of use of Belarus, Russian and other CIS (former USSR) countries manufacture. We supply wide range of agricultural and garden/vineyards equipment, trac-tors, loaders, trucks,...

0.0 29 Jan 2019

Produkcja palet według specyfikacji 1200 x 800, 1200 x 1000, 800 x 600 ma również inne rozmiary. Pieczęć ipps, protokół suszenia. Viber, WhatsApp, telegramm.

0.0 7 Oct 2016

I am engaged in the delivery of food, household appliances and electronics

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